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Banjo Lessons – Welcome

Banjo LessonsHi Folks! I’m glad you made it over to my Music Lessons website.

Mark Jones Music Lessons website will feature me (Mark Jones) teaching Claw-hammer or Frail style banjo lessons. I’ll soon have outlines of some of my Claw-hammer Banjo Lessons which will eventually link to a series of video training. You can find these under the “Available Training” area. You can learn about  me as well as my family under the “About Instructors” area. I hope you enjoy reading about what it takes to build a site like this while you wait for the banjo lessons to be video taped and published.

Banjo Lessons – Webmaster-Jay Mueller

Jay Mueller, my good friend who is helping with this project told me that now that the basic site is up we can start to build traffic to the site by blogging here. I did my first post about my Music Lessons site on my Jones Recording Studio website to get the word out, but I guess it makes sense that posts about this site are made on this site.

Jay is posting about all the things he is doing to create this site (First Post, Second Post, Third Post, Forth Post, Fifth Post, Sixth Post, Seventh Post, On Hold, Eighth Post). He is taking his readers through the whole process of working with a client, building the basic website and doing all the things you need to do to make a website successful. I’ll be writing about the things I need to accomplish as a client to make my website successful.

The truth is that it takes a lot more work than I thought. It takes a lot of time to develop a course outline that can take someone who knows nothing about playing music or the banjo and finding the right way to teach these things in my banjo lessons courses. I am making a great effort to not be one of those guys that just talks about things and then just plays. I want you to understand  everything about the banjo, how to tune it, basic styles of playing, how to use a metronome to your advantage, tips on how to play together with other musicians, basic rhythm, taking the lead, musical accents and basically all the things you need to know to become a good musician.

Like I said, it is taking longer than I thought, but you’ll get quality information that you can learn and apply to your playing that will become second nature in time. This will improve the fun you’ll have playing music down the road. Playing music and being able to sit down with other folks and just start playing together is FUN and when folks that are listening are clapping, stomping their feet and singing along it is a real adrenaline rush. It makes everyone’s heart feel good.

I’m working hard on the video outlines and getting testimonials about my work from friends. It all takes a lot of time especially while working a full time job and playing different gigs with the band. Talk to you later on.

Banjo Lessons | Mark Jones Music Lessons

What to Expect – Mark Jones Music Lessons

Mark Jones Music Lessons

Welcome to the Mark Jones Music Lessons. I’m Jay Mueller, the webmaster and Marks friend. While I am busy getting things set up on the site, Mark is busy building class outlines to prepare for recording his Claw-Hammer style Banjo Lesson videos.

Mark Jones plans on posting about his side of our joint experience so you can follow along. It takes a lot of work for the webmaster and the client to attempt this type of project.

Mark Jones Music Lessons – Claw-Hammer Banjo Lessons Videos

Once we have the site up and running and Mark Jones posts his Banjo Videos, we will be inviting  other musicians who want to teach their instrument via videos to join us and make this a good place to learn how to play music, enjoy it and share it with others. We think the music is an escape for everyone in these hard times. Music is something that everyone enjoys. To be part of it by playing with others is a true meaning of joy. It is fun for the players and fun for the listener.

Jay Mueller – Making Money on the

Mark Jones Music Lessons

Jay Mueller – Making Money on the

I do a lot of Internet Marketing and website creation mentoring, helping folks learn how to build WordPress websites. So along with building this site, I am cataloging what I am doing, what decisions I’m making (along with Mark) and documenting them on my blog at Making Money on the Internet. The first post was put up last week and on next Tuesday I will be posting the second post. If you are interested in what the whole process is, follow along and learn as you go. It is all free and you’ll learn a great deal.

Mark is doing the same thing from his end as the client. He was posting on his Jones Recording Studio Website. Now Mark is posting here on the Mark Jones Music Lessons Website. So you have the opportunity to see both sides of the situation, both the client and the webmaster, which the experts never seem to show anyone. There is work to be done by both of us.

Jay Mueller | Making Money On The