Instructor’s – Mark Jones

The Instructor’s

The Instructor’s – Mark Jones Music Lesson’s are all professional musicians that have made or can make a living playing music. Each of our talented musicians have crafted their skills over many years of playing to live audiences and/or playing in recording sessions.

Most of our musicians can sit with any band and put on a show like they have have been together for years. This is what makes them true professionals.

It is our hope that each of you learn your craft to be able to sit in any jam session and play along. As a matter of fact, jamming is a fantastic way to learn from others and hone your timing skills.

Tip of the Day

Instructor’s – Mark Jones Music Lesson’s promote having fun though playing music. The more you practice, the more you play, the more diverse styles of music you play, the better musician you will be. So don’t be shy about sitting in a group any chance your get. What is more fun than sitting down and playing music…it’s not like it is a chore when your having fun.

There isn’t one of our instructor’s  who haven’t been at the level of playing that you’re at right now. What you’ll begin to understand when you play a lot is that every jam session is a learning experience. You can pick up so much by watching and listening to other musicians. The best part is that almost all musicians will be willing to share tips and licks to help you along.

Current Instructor’s:

This page will include links to each of the sub-pages for details about our music instructor’s. Basically the sub-pages of this section will have detailed write-ups (Bio) about each of our instructors so you get to know about them.

For now Mark Jones is the only instructor. He wanted to build this site so that other area professional artists can make training videos with their instruments and have a place to promote them.

Mark and Instructor’s – Mark Jones hope that providing this service will help musicians share their art, get more people to learn to play music (besides a radio) thereby keeping the music going and uplift everyone.

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