Available Training

Available Training on Mark Jones Music Lessons

This is a complete list of available training here on the Mark Jones Music Lessons website. Included below are links to specific instrument available training categories.

Available Training

Banjo Lessons – Claw-hammer/Frail Style with Mark Jones

Keyboard Lessons

Guitar Lessons




Mark Jones Music Lessons is looking for Musicians to provide video training for whatever instrument they are confident enough to teach others.

  • Do you have Music Lesson Videos that you’ve already made?
  • Do you need help producing videos?
  • Are you interested in making video music training?
  • Are you a professional musician looking to share your trade?

If you are, we urge you to Contact Jay Mueller/Webmaster for details of what we require from you and what we can offer to help you make sales.

General — What we can provide for a fee (mandatory):

  • Our webmaster site support which includes
  • Webmaster built “about” page for the instructor
  • Webmaster built “available training” page for your class outlines
  • Webmaster built connection to your PayPal account for sales
  • Webmaster built SEO to promote you and your training

Basically you provide the videos, you provide the write ups, you provide the photos,  you provide the email to your PayPal account. We will then apply SEO techniques as we build your set of pages, load your videos to our S3 account and create the links to your PayPal account.

Down the road a bit we may offer video taping for your training videos. We are just starting out on this venture and we are planning on having a professional video/audio crew to provide an outstanding product that can sell like hot cakes.