Banjo Lessons – Claw-Hammer

Video and DVD step by step, easy to follow Banjo Lessons on how to learn to play Claw-Hammer or Frail style banjo at several levels of expertise.

Class:  Banjo Lessons Claw-Hammer

Instructor:   Mark Jones

Larry Perkins and Mark Jones

Larry Perkins and Mark Jones

Class Outline: Banjo LessonsLearn to Play Banjo Introduction

  • What’s this?(Parts of the Banjo)
    • Head Stock
    • Tuning Pegs
    • Nut
    • Neck and Frets
    • Pot, Head and Bracket
    • Bridge
    • Tail Piece
    • Rods and Tone Ring
    • Resonator and Open Back
  • Banjo Types
  • Banjo Playing Styles
    • Claw-Hammer or Frailing (Grandpa Jones Style)
    • Roll (Earl Scruggs Style)
  • What to expect in each lesson.
    • 5 to 10 minute videos
  • Song Examples for Our Teaching Levels
    • Basics – “8 More Miles to Louisville”
    • Beginner –
    • Intermediate –
    • Advanced –

Class Outline:  Banjo Lessons Learn to Play Banjo: The Basics

  • Tunings
    • G Standard
    • Electronic Tuner-440
    • Naming Strings
    • String Notes
    • Proper Fingering For the G Scale Notes
  • Simple Clawhammer Technique
    • Shape of hand
    • Count in Rhythm using Brush
    • Single string and rhythm
    • Frail the G Scale
  • Changing to C Tuning with Tuner
    • Name Notes in the C Scale
    • Simple Single Note Frailing of the C Scale
    • Using Correct Fingers of your Left Hand
  • Timing, Rhythm and Playing with Others
  • Learning To Play Your First Song
    • First Part of Grandpa Jones’ “8 more mile to Louisville”
    • Practice – Slow Tempo

Class Outline:  Banjo Lessons Learn to Play Banjo:  Level 1–Beginner

  • Going over what you’ve learned so far  (overview from Free Videos)
    • Right Hand Position
    • Count Rhythm
    • G Tuning
    • Chords in (C and D7
    • Part One of “Bile Dem Cabbage”
  • Part Two of “Bile Dem Cabbage”
    • Slides Explained
      • 2nd String 2nd to 3rd Fret
    • Pull Off Explained
      • D to B Note
    • Show How It Works in Part 2
    • Explain Metronome
    • Play Metronome and song in full

Cripple Creek:  Level 1 – Beginner

  • Part 1 “Cripple Creek”
    • Show Slide, 1st String, 4th to 5th Fret (F#-G)
    • Pull off , 1st String, 5th Fret (G to D) note
    • Play First Part with metronome
  • Part 2 “Cripple Creek
    • Slide 3rd String, 2nd to 4th Fret,(A to B) Note
    • Pull off, 3rd String 2nd Fret, to open 3rd String, Count along
    • Explain Hammering
    • Hammer on 4th String 2nd Fret,
    • Slide 4th string, 2nd to 4th Fret.
  • Play Complete Song with metronome

Old Joe Clark:  Level 1 – Beginner

  • Part One “Old Joe Clark”
    • Explain use of Capo on 2nd Fret (fiddle)
    • Variation of Right Hand
    • Practice song with metronome
    • Part Two “Old Joe Clark
    • Traditionally E7 chord used
    • Bluegrass utilizes G chord
    • Slide 4th String from the 2nd to the 5th Fret
  • Play song with metronome and/or band

Play all three songs with band

  • Bile Dem Cabbage
  • Cripple Creak
  • Old Joe Clark


Draft Outlines

Class Outline:  Banjo Lessons Learn to Play Banjo:  Level 2–Intermediate

  • Lesson One
  • Lesson Two
  • Lesson Three

Class Outline:  Banjo Lessons Learn to Play Banjo:  Level 3–Advanced

  • Lesson One
  • Lesson Two
  • Lesson Three